Differential Diagnosis - dipine

Differential diagnosis

Some diseases are very similar and it is very difficult to distinguish them. Our differential diagnosis tools help you distinguish them by answering some questions about your conditions.

For conditions not listed on this page, use our General Diagnosis

For difficult cases and rare diseases, use our Diagnostic Research

Systemic symptoms

Fever (acute fever)
Fever (chronic fever)
Fatigue (acute fatigue)
Fatigue (chronic fatigue)
Weight gain
Weight loss

Head and neurological symptoms

Facial pain

Cardiovascular symptoms

Chest pain

Respiratory symptoms

Cough (acute cough)
Cough (chronic cough)
Chest pain
Common cold or flu?
Bacterial or viral pneumonia?
COPD or asthma?

Digestive Symptoms

Abdominal pain in adults
Abdominal pain in children
Nausea and/or Vomiting
Heartburn and indigestion
Bloating and flatulence
Difficulty swallowing

Urinary symptoms

Difficult urinating
Painful urination and urethral discharge
Voiding problems and incontinence
Bladder or kidney infection?

Eyes, ears, nose and throat symptoms

Vision problems and other common eye problems
Sore throat with pharyngeal ulcers
Sore throat without pharyngeal ulcers

Bone and limb symptoms

Hand and wrist pain
Elbow pain
Shoulder pain
Leg pain in adults
Leg pain and limp in children
Foot pain
Leg swelling
Arthritis: Osteoarthritis (OA) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?

Women's health

Breast lumps
Abnormal menstrual bleeding
Menstrual Pain
Vaginal discharge and itching
No menstrual period